Jan 2014
Amanda Brandt

An interview with Matt Bourgault, HCB’s benevolent dictator

Amanda recently interviewed Matt Bourgault, the creative genius behind HCB. He shared his vision for the site, why Lance Armstrong still rocks and what is up with his unruly beard.

I recently interviewed Matt Bourgault, the creative genius behind HCB. He shared his vision for the site, why Lance Armstrong still rocks and what is up with his unruly beard.

Bourgault Mug

Matt Bourgault

Creighton University class of 2014

Major: Journalism, News and Advertising tracks.

Q: What is Hitchcock Blogs?

A: Hitchcock Blogs (HCB) is a website that is a combination of blogs from our talented writing staff who is experienced in providing quality content. [pause] Yeah, that’s about it.

Q: How did you come up with the idea for HCB?

A: I came up with the idea because I noticed that the readership on my blog was pretty stagnant—it was good, no doubt, I have a very healthy readership in addition to being talented and handsome—and this is a problem that a lot of people face with their blog. The idea is to reach new audiences by combining content on one site and then maybe building a community.

The real stretch goal here is that I won’t have to get a real job ever. And that is the stretch-iest of all stretch goals, the Stretch Armstrong, Plastic Man, Elongating Man and Mister Fantastic of stretch goals. [Writer’s note: I do not understand any of these references.]

Q: So what exactly is your official title within the HCB structure?

A: My title changes every time someone asks me because I am in charge. So I can be the CEO one day, Editor-in-Chief the next, and then benevolent dictator, dungeon master, etc.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?

A: Um. [looks around] I couldn’t tell you what it is. I tend not to like things I do so I couldn’t tell you. I look back at nearly everything I create with distain. I don’t know what that says about me.

Q: Does that make you a tortured artist type?

A: Tortured artist? Yeah, I am a tortured artist, as well as a misunderstood genius before my time.  Also just a genius. A lyrical wordsmith, literary genius. You get the idea.

Q: You are graduating in May. What did you like the most about Creighton?

A: I like that it was small enough that I got opportunities to do whatever I wanted, but big enough that it was a division one school. I could go to sporting events and cover the NCAA basketball tournament. I did all these cool things (like covering basketball and being Creightonian sports editor) without really having to try or test my merit or anything.

Q: What is your biggest fear?

A: Failure. A lot of people are motivated by goals or they are striving for success, but my main motivation is failure. Losing is the worst thing. That is why I usually cheat in any sort of competition. Losing is terrible. Have you ever tried it? Failure is the worst thing in the world.

Q: So if you are such a fan of cheating, do you support Lance Armstrong’s doping actions during his peak cycling years?

A: Absolutely. Lance Armstrong did the right thing. I have actually had this conversation a couple of times this week.  He attained glory, money, adoring fans and Sheryl Crow. He got to do all these awesome things by cheating– that’s cool. Look, everyone else was doing it, and he was the best cheater. That’s something in itself.

Yeah, he is kind of a jerk for suing everyone, but in the end he was out to get his. When all was lost, he went on Oprah and got to tell the world he lied. A couple of fake tears got him a huge pay day. Genius.

Q: You are a big fan of CU Basketball. Who is your favorite player and why?

A: Ooh. That is tough. They all bring something to the table. I like Doug because he is a great basketball player.
I like Wragge because he takes stupid shots and they go in. I like Chatman because he sat next to me in English and is a pretty cool guy. I like Grant because we are best friends, even though he doesn’t know it yet. I like Devin Brooks because he brings the Harlem heat and a sense of excitement that Creighton doesn’t already have. I like Will Artino because he is goofy. And I like everyone else because I can give then stupid nicknames and they are ok with it because they don’t read what I write. So I guess you could say I like the whole team.

Q: If you could have one super power, what would it be?

A: Omnipotence, because I want all the powers. You can’t fail when you are in God mode. It would be perfect.

 Q: You are currently sporting a beard. What is up with that?

A: I don’t really manage my facial hair. Every once in a while, when I realize it is time for something different, I will visit the website basketball-reference the website and hit the random player button and whatever that guy is rocking I will emulate. Currently, that is Anthony Randolph, a player for the Denver Nuggets.

Q: Last question: What is your favorite word?

A: Embezzlement. It has two ‘z’s’ in the middle, and it is fun to say. It is about making money. It’s just a fun word.

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