Jan 2014
Amanda Brandt

Super Bowl Week: Mascot Showdown Edition

The HCBlogs team is getting PUMPED for Super Bowl XLVIII. Every day until the big game, a new football-themed post will be released. Today is Amanda’s take on the team mascots. Who does she think will win the Denver/Seattle match?

I don’t know a lot about football. I don’t even like football. But last year I correctly predicted that the Baltimore Ravens would defeat the San Francisco 49ers. (It was a big moment for me.) This is my attempt to dust off my crystal ball and make another winning prediction.

My logic isn’t based on the number of times Peyton Manning will scream “Omaha” or wide receivers snapping the ball for the first down. (I really have no clue how it all works.) Rather, my prediction is based on the mascots of the two teams. So who will win Super Bowl XLVIII? The Seattle Seahawks? The Denver Broncos? Let’s get down to business.

Costume Suit Mascots

Miles, the Denver Broncos mascot. Photo via football babble.com.

Miles, the Denver Broncos mascot. Photo via football babble.com.

Blitz, a blue bird, is the mascot for the Seattle Seahawks. Photo via seahawks.com.

Blitz, a blue bird, is the mascot for the Seattle Seahawks. Photo via seahawks.com.

The Denver Broncos are represented by Miles, a white horse. The Seattle Seahawks have Blitz, a large blue bird. (If you want to get technical, a ‘Seahawk’ is another name for an Osprey, a large raptor.) The two costume mascots made an appearance on a SportsCenter Super Bowl promo. It is pretty funny and gives a great view of the costumes. Check it out here. The Seahawks win this one. While Miles is a more humanistic name, Blitz is not as creepy looking. Why does the horse have to have orange eyes? It is freaky. Blitz has strange green feathers on his wings, but I feel he would be less scary to young children. Miles also has a long orange tail, which I feel would hinder his efforts on and off of the football field. Miles does have a better back story and his own Twitter account, but he freaks me out. Point to the Seahawks. (Random fact: Blitz is approximately six months older than Miles, according to website lore.)

Live Mascots

Taima, a hawk, is the Seattle Seahawks' live mascot.

Taima, a hawk, is the Seattle Seahawks’ live mascot.

Thunder II, a purebread Arabian horse, is the Denver Broncos' live mascot.

Thunder II, a purebread Arabian horse, is the Denver Broncos’ live mascot.

This is where it gets interesting. The Seahawks have a hawk named Taima that has flown ahead of the team running out of the tunnel before every game since 2007. And that’s pretty cool. Taima, a seven-year-old bird, is black and creme. Very majestic. It reminds me of America and nature and stuff. But I feel like a bird would be difficult to find on a camera and play up on the jumbo-tron.

Thunder is the Broncos’ live mascot. And he is a beautiful purebred white Arabian gelding. After every touchdown, he gallops from one end zone to another. That is awesome. He kind of looks like a unicorn.  I feel like a horse would be more difficult to train than a bird and therefore the horse wins. Plus there is something almost mythical about a pure white horse triumphantly running on an open field.  Point Broncos.


So far, the teams are tied according to their two mascots. Now it’s time to employ the super special tie breaking measures that I just came up with.

The cheerleaders in Seattle are called the Sea Gals. Ugh. That is punny. And weird. But it is better than the literally named Denver Broncos Cheerleaders.

The fans in Seattle are called the “12th man,” which is neat. But according to Wikipedia, the 1977-79 defense for the Broncos was nicknamed the “Orange Crush,” which is even more neat.

What about fan-loudness? The Broncos fans once owned the Guiness World Record for loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium. But the fans in Washington currently hold the record, which is 137.6 decibels, about the loudness of a jet engine taking off 100 feet away. However, many have argued that the Coloradans were quieter this season after QB Peyton Manning asked them to shush. 

Looks like this will all be decided by the colors. Denver has Broncos Orange, Broncos Navy and White. (Real original naming.) Seattle is decked out with College Navy, Action Green and Wolf Gray. (Much better names.) I myself am partial to blues and greens, and I truly despise the color orange. But against the green of a football field, orange is close to red, which is green’s complementary color. So the orange would stand out over the bright green. Point Broncos.

The Broncos will win Super Bowl XLVIII. 

With a final score of 2-1, looks like Denver will triumph this year. They have a stronger live mascot and better colors.

Defense? Offense? Rushing? No clue. All I know is that no matter the score, the Denver Broncos will be the big winners in the mascot and color scheme department.

What do you think? Did Amanda make the right call? Who do you think will win the big game? 

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