About Amanda

Amanda Brandt MugshotHowdy! My name is Amanda, and I am a senior at Creighton University. I am studying Journalism (PR and News) and French. A native Nebraskan, I am proud of my Cornhusker roots. I also like Hot Tamales, social media and blogging.

I have a different blog, www.amandabrandt.wordpress.com, that I have been actively using for four years. I am excited to begin this new blogging endeavor with my friends and peers, and I am anxious to see what this will morph into.

If you are an old soul, like asking questions or are an introvert trapped in an extrovert’s body, you will probably like my writing. I am going to use this platform as an opportunity to share neat things I stumble upon and write quirky pieces I have never had the space to publish before.

Also, I am graduating in May 2014. Want to hire me? (Only partially joking.)

Email inquiries: amandabrandt@creighton.edu. Follow me on twitter here: @Amanda__Brandt.